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JOB PROCESSING - Hydraulics Company

A hydraulic repair company were using a paper based process to track all jobs. This included collection notes, job t-cards and a manual job book. Merrix was able to digitise the entire process. Job cards and job book were created automatically removing double and sometimes triple entry. Communication was improved between the workshop and the office. Statistics and business information were collated automaticall y that they were previously unable to do. Finding historical information was made instantaneous without the need to search for past records in storage. The system revolutionised the way the company was able to work, improving efficiency and productivity.

CRM - Retail Company

A retail company was expanding and taking on two sales staff members. They needed a way to collate information from both sales personnel and the office staff. Having looked at several on the shelf software they were unable to find something to match their needs. Merrix was able to assist and developed the tool they needed. Not only that it has since been adapted as the business has developed.


A manufacturing company was producing several product lines in a variety of colours and materials. With so many combinations it was a huge undertaking to create a product code for each possible variation. Merrix developed a system to devise not only a product code automatically for each combination, but also a way to quickly create codes for new product lines in the future. Saving hundreds of man hours.


A national charity required a system to store and report on membership information. The original goal was a CRM application for email marketing. Merrix was able to create the system they wanted, but also added several upgrades they had not considered. With the addition of recording donations and events they were also able to review attendances, print attendance sheets, ascertain donations made to specific events, see who the largest contributors to the charity were, No of donations, frequency of donations and so much more. All this information became automated to the touch of a button.

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