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Merrix helps you get the best from Microsoft Office:

  • the right licences and features for you

  • all the advice and training you need.

The foundation of many business activities for decades, Microsoft Office has recently evolved into an even more powerful tool. Office 365’s multitude of innovative functions and capabilities can add real value to your everyday operations.


But not everyone has Office 365, and even if you do, you may well be unaware of just how it could best support your particular business.

Merrix - making Office efficient, effective and easy!


At Merrix, we want to help you get the very best from your IT. So if you think 365 might make your life easier, we’re happy to talk it with you for free, to get you on the right road. We’ll explain about licence options, and the best deal for you. And whether you’re trying 365 for the first time or you already have it installed, we can help by ensuring that you’re getting the very best value from your product.

  • Identify the functions and applications that will help your particular business.

  • Explain each one clearly and simply.

  • Train you and your people to use each feature with confidence.

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