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Experts in data, Merrix can:

  • turn your ‘redundant’ data into valuable business insights

  • adapt old data to work on your new software

  • avoid costly data losses.

It’s always our mission to help you take control of your IT and online systems and tools. With Merrix data analysis and transfer services, you can uncover the hidden gems of useful business information lying undiscovered in your computers and enjoy streamlined data that transfers seamlessly when you run new software.

Data analysis

Most organisations store huge amounts of information, often in a variety of formats, making it almost impossible to analyse, compare or integrate... Sounds familiar?

We can make sense of your data, turning it into clear and consistent formats and reports that work for you and help drive your business to a higher level.

Data transfer

It’s essential to keep a 21st century business updated with powerful, relevant and secure software, but what happens when your existing data won’t work on your new system? Sorting and reorganising your information could take months… What’s more, it’s easy to lose data from some applications (such as Excel, for example) if you’re not 100% sure how to migrate your records.


But at Merrix, we offer a helping hand. We’ll save you stress, headaches and many hours of your valuable time by transferring your data seamlessly onto your new software, whether that’s [X] to [Y] or [A] to [B] No fuss, no hassle and no huge bills.

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