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Vital to the organisation and profitability of every business, databases allow you to store, sort, extract, search for and analyse your business-critical information. Our affordable bespoke databases turn your data into pictures and stories that make your life easier and help build your profitability.

However simple or complex your needs, we make sure that your databases fit your business seamlessly. You’ll always have access to your data (we’ll never impose costly lock-outs) and the price you pay will always be fair and 100% transparent. 

  • match the way you work

  • save you time and effort

  • help you build a more profitable business.


Drowning in spreadsheets, sticky notes and scribblings??

Do you spend hours writing down notes by hand? Do you write separate letters, emails or invoices for every recipient? We can save you time and money on these and a thousand other tasks with an affordable, easy-to-use database that brings together all your information in one place and works the way you want it to.

Want to make better-informed business decisions?

Every organisation has a vast mass of data, but many are completely unaware of the business-critical information hidden within it. Our databases can digitise your processes making them simpler, quicker and more efficient, with automated reports, systems and archives that reveal the meaning inside your business data, reduce your workload and drive your business forward.

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