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Due to Covid-19 we are now offering FREE Demo creation

Irish Pub Guinness Beer your OWN branded mobile phone app to communicate and sell to your customers. Aimed at the pub and restaurant market.


Imagine your OWN app in Google Play and Apple App Store.

Your customers can search for YOU to download it!!!

Why Now?


For pubs and restaurants to open they must be able to demonstrate their ability to socially distance. This is what POMS enables you to do.


Unlike takeaway services that are remote based and can utilise online ordering, it is not practical in a sit in pub and restaurant environment. 

Having an app utilises the smart phone that all your customers have at their disposal and so much more!!!!

Taking Picture of Food

Why an app?

  • 85% of people in the UK use a Smart Phone

  • Spending 87% their time in apps as opposed to the web.

46% of millennials made 5+ in-app purchases & 70% made more than 1.

Apps are a fact of life and here to stay. Consumers use them regularly to purchase products and search for information.


They have however not been cost effective for a regular business. Until NOW!!!

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  1. Conform to Covid-19 social distancing rules*

  2. Protect your staff and customers.

  3. Modernise your business.

  4. Give a professional appearance to your customers.

  5. Branded and downloadable from Appstore and Playstore.

  6. Get real time connect-ability with your customers

  7. Communicate with customers even when they are not in the venue.

  8. Publicise events and special offers directly to customers.

  9. Get valuable marketing information about your customers.

  10. Drinks can even be purchased as gifts.

  11. Automatically tally loyalty card schemes and offers.

* At time of print


We provide a standard product but this dosen't mean you have to stop there!! You can build an app to suit you!!

This is YOUR app for YOUR business so design it to do what YOU need it to do.


  • Homescreen

  • Account​

  • Cart

  • Table Ordering

  • Menu


Food Ordering

  • Takeout

  • Deliveries

  • Offers

  • Loyalty Cards

  • Loyalty Points

  • Coupons


  • Events and Bookings

  • Booking System

  • Open Table

  • Facebook Events

  • Google Appointments

  • Booking Website

  • Appointedd

  • Calendly

External Links

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Amazon

  • Pinterest

  • Tumblr

  • Etsy

  • Magento

  • Shopify

  • Woo Commerce

  • Instagram

  • Flickr


  • About Us

  • Directions

  • Message Centre

  • Forms

  • Quizzes

  • GEO Listings


Do you have software you currently use? Don't worry we can connect your app to them!!!

Step 1: Demo Preparation




Includes designing and building YOUR demo app. 

Currently FREE to help in the current Covid-19 climate.

Just click the 'I want a DEMO!!' button above. This will ask you for a few bits of information to help us get your demo together. 

Step 2: Sending the App Live



Once you approve you App we can take it live. We will link your app to your Google Play and Apple Appstores. If you do not have an account we can set them up for you at an additional cost.

This will get you everything you need to have a fully working app. That includes  all of your menus, drinks and promotional material inputted!!! 

This will save you hours of time!!

*£250 is based on choosing 4 features in your app. Additional features are £50 per feature. Number of features does not affect your monthly fee.

Step 3: Monthly fee



Run your app for the price of a pint a day!!!

We will keep your app going and provide you with any assistance you might have.

Your app can do so much and will continually be developed. You will have access to all the latest features.

Why not:

  • publicise events,

  • send push messages to your customers,

  • welcome guests as they arrive,

  • for all your needs, we are here to help!!




Artwork Package: £90 


For your app you will need your artwork in the correct format to make the app your own. If you feel you will struggle to do this, we can do it for you.


App Logo​ - 1024 x 1024

Header - 352 x 80

Splashscreen - 1080 x 1920

Appstore Developer Account: £150 per year

If you do not have an Apple Appstore Developer account we can create and manage this for you. This includes your Apple subscription.

Google PlayStore: £100 per year

If you do not have a Google Developer account we can create and manage this for you. This includes your Google subscription

How do i get my Own App?

  1. Click the 'I want a DEMO!!' button.

  2. Choose your package and extras.

  3. Fill in the form with your details.

  4. We will build your app and send you a link to a demo within 3 days.

  5. On approval your app will go live on Google and Apple!!

  6. We have additional products that can help you publicise your app. Click here to see.

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